The Heart of the Matter

judge 16 ps 512a.2b

Judges 16  Manoah and his wife were dedicated parents but their son had a problem with enticing women. To quote Pastor Ed Rea about Samson’s downward spiral of sin, “first it blinds us, then it binds us, and then it grinds us.” That is exactly what transpired in Samson’s life. Was that God’s plan for Samson? Unequivocally we can answer no! God wanted Samson to be totally dedicated and devoted to Him but allowed Samson, as He also allows us, to follow the path of temptation. God’s design was for Samson to not just be a Nazirite outwardly but a Nazirite in his heart. He desired that Samson to not love the world or the things in the world. Like Samson, If we love the world the love of God is not in our hearts.

Samson mirrored Israel. They were comfortable in their walk with God when they visited the Temple on the Sabbath but quickly compromised the rest of the week. It’s easy to be holy when we are in our holy huddle but harder when we have to face the enemy alone. Samson, like us, wanted to wear his Nazirite vow when he needed it but chose to put it aside when the world’s enticements offered a simpler and more glamorous lifestyle.

Samson had the power to overcome the enemy but his faith was weak. His problem was not from those on the outside, the problem was in his heart. Jer 17:9 “the heart ♥ is deceitful and desperately wicked.” We too need the cleansing of our heart.♥ Pray today as David did: Create for me a pure heart,♥ O God! Renew a resolute spirit within me! [Psa 51:10]

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