“Is Our Heart Broken?”  

Judges 19-21  I have always struggled with these last chapters in the book of Judges. Maybe you have as well. The questions swirl in my head as I ask God why did he put this story in His Word? The only reason is that I  might come front and center to see sin and its overwhelming destructiveness.

How else can we explain why a man of the cloth acted as he did? How else can we explain the men of Gibeah who acted just like the men of Sodom? How else can we explain what sin accomplishes when left to reign supreme?  Take a lesson from the story of Sodom and the story of Gibeah.judges 19 broken heart2a

What can we learn as we wind down the book of Judges? It is this: when sin is allowed to reign supreme and there seemingly are no redeemable men to take the helm, we know that without God’s grace there is no hope. Dietrich Bonhoeffer saw this in spades and yet he was willing to stand up to the last. Where was the Dietrich Bonhoeffer in these chapters?

So what is our take away from this? If our hearts are broken heartbleed-378010_1280consider how broken God’s was! If we who are the righteous do nothing, sin will remain. The warning is found in vs 30 “take careful note of it! Discuss it and speak!” Then stop and bow your head thanking God for how He redeemed you from sin. Come quickly Lord Jesus!


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