Let Us…Let’s…

man prayer2A neighbor said I don’t need church; I can commune with God in nature. Yes you can and there are times when you need that time alone with God, but Christ died for the church and we are reminded to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together. When we meet corporately we gain from others. For example, the ministry I work for meets for corporate prayer each Monday. When we leave we are lifted up and encouraged and ready to do battle with whatever the enemy sends our way. That in essence is why we can be strong and courageous even through challenging times.

The contraction “let’s” is calling us to do this together. And as we pray corporately we are to include words of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication.  Psalm 95 is reminding us of various ways to pray:  Sing for joy, Shout joyfully, bow down, kneel as you worship! Which of these do you do in your quiet time or corporate worship?

Today and each day as you open your hearts to worship, let the Illuminating Holy Spirit enter and guide you into prayer and worship. When you leave your quiet time or corporate worship go forth and proclaim the majesty of our Lord.


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