Do You Know How to Face Goliath?

Psalm 73 one simple stone2AHere’s your sneak preview of the post on which will be published on July 27th.

Just as physical waves toss about, the waves of the world try to toss us about. We face the giant Goliath’s that David faced whose “bodies are strong and well fed, arrogance is their necklace, violence is their clothing.”  Goliath thought he had the victory all sewed up but David knew differently. Goliath defied the God of Israel and he tried to intimidate the Living God’s army. We have to be careful that we do not fall into a similar trap called envy. Goliath’s strength was only outward and it took just one stone to bring him down and it only takes the word “JESUS” to bring Satan to his knees.

The Army of God was floundering in the waves of uncertainty. We too can flounder if we try to wear someone else’s armor as Saul wanted David to do. Or, sometimes we flounder when we hear the words “you can’t do it, you are too young” or the XYZ reasons. But, if we sit and ponder God and His plans in the Temple or in His Word we find peace and encouragement. It is there God can and will dispel the arguments of the Goliath’s. It is in the quietness of the sanctuary that Asaph was reminded that one day the destiny of the fool who lives for the moment will find his end before the holiness of the Almighty. In fact, Asaph notes that they will be desolate in a mere moment and terrifying judgments await them. It was in the valley that David told Goliath: “This very day all will know that the Lord will deliver.” [1Sam 17]

Take time to be quiet before the Lord and come away knowing that all you need is one simple stone with this one simple word: “JESUS.”

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