Responding with Optimism!

What temperament are you? Are you an optimistic person or are you easily defeated? Today’s post also found here: is all about being optimistic even in dire circumstances. How do we live in a world that has gone astray or prepare ourselves for the inevitable persecution? How I love my dear friend JoAnn I. who taught me a wise principle and it is this: learn the lesson God wants you to learn or you may have to do another lap around the wilderness. And when we have learned the lesson we can respond appropriately in any circumstance.

phil 1 began a good work in you2Many of us, if truth be known, are prone to whine and beg God to reverse our fortune when we find ourselves in unfortunate circumstances. We forget that the gospel message is far more important than our comfort and fail to see it as part of God’s plan whether we like it or understand it. Therefore we should be praising not whining! Do those who threaten us see that we are convinced so strongly of a glorious afterlife that they too are convicted to accept Christ? Each of us is part and parcel of the plan that God will one day reveal for “the one who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

Isn’t it ironic! Here is Paul in prison and yet God has brought the unsaved to him! Even the imperial guards are chained to him so that they have to listen to him pray! Don’t you just love it when you can see God’s sense of humor in using what the enemy means for evil to turn it to good! This is why Paul can be optimistic about the future. It matters not if he is released or remains imprisoned—what matters is that God’s gospel message is being sent forth. And that is why he pours out his joy for all of these precious believers back in Philippi as his way of encouraging them to stand firm, be blameless and sincere.

Are you optimistic or defeated? Oh Beloved—Pray and ask the Spirit to open your eyes to see God at work.

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