What/Who is on your agenda today?

ImageDo you have memory aids to help you recall things? Some of use that tool to recall different thoughts such as “G-God’s R-riches A-at C-Christ’s E-expense.” We look for these simple acronyms because we are a people who are busy about many things. Already as you are beginning to read, your mind is on two tracks, what you are reading and what you have to do “next.” The psalmist (105) is encouraging us to stop and reflect and to do so gives us several ways to step off the treadmill of life and to bring God into our moment by moment thinking. Step by step the psalmist gives us memory aids in the form of commands that our lives might be focused on Him. There is an easy way to remember this in the busyness of our lives: “T-T-S-S”

  1. T = Thanks!  Give thanks to the Lord! Today you will be given many opportunities to thank another. Boast about him and his holy name. May God be on our lips first rather than ourselves Plan to boast and thank God today.
  2. T= Tell!  Tell about what he has done in your life. Tell about his miraculous deeds. Recall the miraculous deeds he has performed. Keep a journal of what God has brought about. Think back and record how God has been at work. Plan and then share your testimony to the world.
  3. S= Sing! Sing to him! Make music to him! What hymn or praise song can you share even right now?
  4. S= Seek! Seek the Lord is given three times: those whose heart seek him rejoice, those who seek him will be given strength, those who seek him do it continually. Stop right now and seek His face that He may be first in your agenda for today.

As you look at your daily to do list, stop and do a “T-T-S-S” and see if God is on that agenda.



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