Living Life to the Fullest!

ImageThe second command is to “love your neighbor as yourself.” The author of Hebrews exhorts us to live that command before unbelievers and the world that they may see the Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday as He is today and will be forever! The world needs for you and I to show that truth in and through us.

First personally spread your joy to others in all situations that God brings to you each and every moment of the day. Remember that as you show brotherly love you might just be entertaining an angel sent from the Father. Abraham did such and received the blessing because he chose to show hospitality, willing to give without considering what he might receive in return. Throughout your walk, learn as Paul did to be content and then live that principle.

Secondly, pray and imitate the wise leaders that God has placed over you. Be discerning as to their needs even before they are spoken and meet them. That means we need to keep our eyes and ears open so that we can share out of our abundance. Pray diligently that they are pure and holy representatives for the kingdom.

The adventure has just begun, the past is behind us, the future lays before us. Are you ready to persevere? Are you ready to live out the first as well as the second command? Take the truth of the Book of Hebrews and spread it far and wide! Will you join me?

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