“Christ the Radiance of His Glory.”

1John, the beloved disciple who walked with our Savior for three years, now testifies that he, Peter, and the other disciples have heard and have seen with their eyes, have looked at and hands have touched this man Jesus, and He was truly the Son of God. John Piper writes: “Many are willing to believe in Christ if he remains a merely spiritual reality. But when we preach that Christ has become a particular man in a particular place issuing particular commands and dying on a particular cross exposing the particular sins of our particular lives, then the preaching ceases to be acceptable for many.” Thus, many during the time of John and to the present day continue to stumble over this cornerstone of truth for this means as Piper says “if the doctrine is true, every single person in the world must obey this one particular Jewish man. Everything he says is law. Everything he did is perfect.” But, men are, to the core, wanting to not believe or to accept this premise: Jesus was and is the very Son of God, just as the Roman Centurion testified at the cross.

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