Evidence Demands a Verdict

Mark 6: What do you find hard to believe? For me, it is hard to believe that God has given men the choice to believe that He is or He is not. How gracious is our God! Yet even with the evidence of healings, and other miracles the town of Nazareth found it hard to believe Jesus was the long-awaited prophet. They instead questioned him because they only saw him as just a carpenter. How do you see Jesus? Is He “just” a man, “just a carpenter” or is He who He said He was. The evidence demands a verdict. Yet the people of Nazareth were merely astonished. 

They were not the first but joined the throng of many unbelievers. Even today if you try to talk about this Jesus, some will say only “I respect your faith…but.” Years later, Paul wanted the Romans to understand that like today, those who refuse to believe are without excuse because the very evidence of the sun rising and setting, and the other proofs of the universe should point to a God who is the Creator. So, “people are without excuse.” [Rom 1:20] This has to be the hardest verse of all that we read. 

What will one say when they stand before a holy God as to why they have not believed? Not one excuse will carry weight for since creation, God has revealed Himself. How about you? 

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