Enter the Wilderness…

Luke 3 Are you in the wilderness? What is it like? It is a quiet place apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It may be a place for wild animals to hunt and be hunted. But it is also a place where God comes to speak to our hearts as He did with Hagar. It was there that God gave her the assurance that He had heard and He would provide. It was there that she met God and called Him: “The God who sees me.” Centuries later, the gospel writer Luke speaks of another person, a child born to the unbelieving muted Zacharias and his wife Elizabeth, and they would call him John. At his birth, Zacharias’ tongue was loosed, and he prophesied about him “you will go on before the Lord to prepare his way,” thus fulfilling the words of Isaiah the prophet: [Is 40:3]

Years later, it was in the wilderness that the word of God came to John so that he would fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah to be the voice in the wilderness to prepare the way for Jesus. [Is 40:3-5, Mal 3:1, John 1:23]

Do you want the Lord to speak to you? Could it be that God is using your wilderness to speak to your heart? Although the wilderness is a stark place, it is there that God speaks, and the distractions of life are pushed to the background. It is there that He will reveal His plans just as He did to Hagar and John. Are you ready to step into his wilderness?  

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