There is a cost…

Daniel 4-6 Choices…

Daniel has now been in the Babylonian capital for many, many years. His character and integrity have been proven over and over to three successive kings, and yet we see each come to a point where they, like us, must choose. Will they choose to follow and obey Daniel’s God, or will they continue to follow their idols of silver and gold? God raises up and puts down leaders, and He raises up and puts down people of every tongue and nation so that He might reveal their need for salvation. God’s creation [Rom 1:20] screams I am God! Follow Me! Yet, men are blinded to the glorious gospel lest they see the image of Christ and bow their knees. [2Cor 4:4] Times and seasons change, but men’s hearts remain the same; desperately wicked. [Jer 17:9]

King Nebuchadnezzar heard the voice of God, and he was humbled and, in the end, gave Him praise. His son, Belshazzar, knew the story of his father’s humbling, but he chose to ignore the lessons. God gave him, as he does others, a point to repent, but he ignored the warnings. In one night, he met his fate, and he and his kingdom came to an end. Darius was easily swayed by men’s praises and signed a decree that meant certain death for anyone worshiping anything or person other than himself. In all of this, Daniel did not sin! He lived and prayed as he had done for years. The cost was a night with the lions.

There is a cost to following God. Daniel, early on, chose not to defile himself [Daniel 1:8], and the last test proved he had not changed his life or mind. How about us?

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