The Sin of Pride

2 Kings 15, 2 Chron 26 Ever notice that the middle letter in pride is “I”? Pride is the deadliest of all sins and is listed as one of the sins God hates more than any other because it puts self before God. [Prov 6:16-19] It has been the cause of many a downfall. 

God blessed King Uzziah for years, but when he became strong, he also became prideful. In his later years, Uzziah entered the sanctuary to burn forbidden incense and instantly became a leper when confronted and unrepentant. He remained a leper until the day he died and was not buried in the tombs of the kings but in a field of the kings. Truly “pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” [Prov 16:18]

Where is God speaking to us about our pride? Watch out for that middle letter “I.” The OT prophet Zephaniah reminds us: Seek the Lord’s favor, all you humble people of the land who have obeyed his commands! Strive to do what is right! Strive to be humble!” [Zephaniah 2:3] Humility is what God seeks and blesses, and pride is what God detests. 

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