Responding with grace

2Sam 10, 1Chron 19, Ps 20 Some people are “hard headed.” When someone does something that is gracious, they don’t respond with peace but with an arrogance that is unbecoming. That is the picture of Hanun. King David sent a delegation to comfort Hanun in the loss of his parent, but his gift was not received well. Hanun listened to unwise counselors and maligned the gift and the giver. The bottom line was his pride ruled over grace.

How do you respond to another’s gifts? Do you always think there is an underlying reason they are doing this, or do you respond with grace? Precious reader, some people are never gracious no matter what you or God has done, and when the truth is revealed, their pride keeps them from apologizing.

You can’t change a stubborn heart; only God can do that. You be gracious and let God take care of them.

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