Pray for Unity

Psalm 133 David has conquered much of the land of Israel and claims it for God. He writes poetically of what unity should look like: it is good and pleasant. In vivid poetry, he recalls unity is like precious oil used to anoint the king or the new high priest. It is precious because it is costly. Or it is like the waters of Mt. Hermon when the snow melts. It flows down and refreshes the land bringing new life and beauty. It truly is a blessing to all who receive its benefits.

Many years ago, men, tired of war, established what we know as the UN in hopes of world unity. But, unfortunately, it has not accomplished what it had hoped. Still, some wars and words cause division. As it was in the time of David, so it is true today. Unity is a quality that seems is a goal, but without God, there will never be unity and peace.

Are you experiencing the beauty of unity in your family today, or is there strife? Pray for unity and peace so God can bless you and the recipients. Is there disunity someplace in a relationship between you and another? Pray this as Paul prayed: Eph 4:3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

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