Protection for Women then and now

God cares

Deut 24 to 27 At first glance, we might think that God cares very little for each one of us, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Take the case of the divorced woman in Deut 24. We have no clues as to why her husband decided to divorce her. We aren’t told what that indecent factor is, but the woman is freed from that union. She remarries, and the second husband also seems to reject her and divorces her. God now has said she may not return to her first husband. We wonder why she would even consider that! God wants us to see His care for her when she has been in what might have been abusive situations.

Later, in Deut 25:5-10, we see how God protects women again. When a husband dies, the Law says the brother is to marry his sister-in-law and raise a child to keep the dead husband’s line honored. Yet suppose the brother refuses?  The woman is to take him to the council, where a verdict is rendered. Like the first two, this man is unworthy of her, so God protects her and honors her dead husband.

During his time on earth, Jesus honored women, and God is using these examples to remind Israel of their obligation to protect women.

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