The Proper Response

respond with grace

Numbers 16 Envy, resentful longing for what you don’t have, is one of the ‘dark’ sins, one of the “deadly d’s.” It is like an infection. If not treated, it spreads from one person to another, and Peter warns us about it. [1Pet 2:1] It begins with a thought, and then the idea is enlarged by adding other innuendos. Such is the plan of our arch-enemy, whose whole purpose is to seek, kill and destroy. [Jn 10:10]

As a Levite, Korah was privileged to assist in the Tabernacle service with Aaron as the High Priest. He had seen the power of God over and over, but an envious thought began in his mind. Why does this person think he should be the leader? I am just as important. Envy is a deadly sin, and it begins like one germ but multiplies by gaining affirmation from others. Never underestimate the power of envy. As it increases, so do our thoughts and ideas, and sadly, we often include others in our path of infection. Moses was aghast when Korah confronted him. Yet, rather than responding angrily, Moses fell face down and pleaded with God for Korah’s forgiveness. Is this our response?

How do you face this type of sin from others? Do you vent and seek a following like Korah, OR do you ask God for their forgiveness like Moses?

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