God loved…

God loved

Gen 32:10 Unworthiness except for God’s Love

Jacob has struggled since he left home. He has struggled with his uncle Laban and his wives in their childbearing years. He has struggled with his cousins over the sheep, and it goes on and on. He finally has had enough of Laban’s treachery and decides to leave. As he reaches the land of his father and the brother he deceived, he stops and, in his quiet time, comes to grips with who he really is. He acknowledges to God that He is the most unworthy of servants.

“I am not worthy of all the faithful love you have shown your servant.” [Gen 32:10]

One author noted that you cannot go back, what is done is done, BUT you can move forward. You can acknowledge that you are unworthy, but you can also look at what God decreed from eternity. God has “blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ.” [Eph 1:3] Why has God chosen to bless us when we are so unworthy? It is all because it is “according to the pleasure of His will.” [Eph 1:5] It is because of His love.

He loved; therefore, He gave. He loved; therefore, He chose. He loved; therefore, He predestined. He loved; therefore, He claimed. He loved; therefore, He marked. [Eph 1:1-14]

Ponder those thoughts today.

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