Job 40-41 Job has been seeking time to speak to God, saying if I had the chance, I would inquire of him and ask why I was being punished, yet in all of his longings, he “did not charge God with moral impropriety.” [Job 1:22] Yet Job had continued his desire to speak to him face to face so he could hear his response. So now it is God’s turn to speak, and he asks Job will you seek to correct Me? God asks Job would you annul my justice and declare Me guilty so you can be right? [Job 40:8] How often are we also guilty of this same behavior? We can’t understand our suffering, can’t understand what God is doing, so we contend that God is just being unfair so we can be right. It is called blameshifting, and it goes like this. I don’t understand why I am suffering. I am innocent! I am righteous! So it must be someone else’s fault, and God becomes our target. We are as guilty as Job.

But, Before that question, Job rightly understands that he is wholly unworthy and should therefore be silent. That is good advice for us as well. We are all unworthy! Our righteousness is as filthy rags. [Is 64:6] Such hypocrites are we!

Today take a page out of Job’s diary and listen to what you are doing by blameshifting another so you can be proven right. This should not be Beloved! God is right 100% of the time!

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