Where are you in this story?

God is God

Job 38-39 God Reveals His Majesty

Finally, Job hears from God but is it what he expected? Listen to God: Who is this who darkens counsel with words without knowledge? [Job 38:2] Get ready, Job, because I am going to question you. So now, God asks Job over 59 questions. Why the authors did not include vs. 1 of chapter 40 is a mystery, yet God is not finished yet and will continue in Job 40:6. So far, God has proven He is God and Job is a man. Job can question God, but when God comes back to question him, he is without words, unlike Elihu, who was full of words!

We have a saying: I wish I could be like a fly on the wall to hear and see what is taking place. That is where we are in this story. We want to hear and see, but the conversation is really one-sided, with God speaking. Job has wished to talk to God and even argue with him, but when confronted with God’s majesty, he is silent. How about us when we are faced with God? Do we say, as Job says: “Indeed, I am completely unworthy—how could I reply to you? I put my hand over my mouth to silence myself.” [Job 40:4]

 Where are you in this story? Are you ready to listen to God?

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