Galatians in a nutshell

Galatians in a nutshell

Gal 4-6 Again, I ask…

Paul again comes back to his original argument: why do you seek to be under the constraints of the Law? Do you not realize to be under the Law means you must obey that outward confirmation? It means that you are acting as a son of the flesh rather than a son of the Spirit. Those who insist on that want you to obey them so they can boast. But, I want to boast that you know and serve Christ only.

Listen you, Galatians. Look at my life. I am being persecuted, and why? Because I taught you and continue to teach you to be free in Christ, you are no longer indebted to the Law. Christ came to free us from those rules of doing this and not doing that. The Spirit frees us to love one another, share in their sufferings, and bear one another’s burdens. This is our outward evidence of being a son and no longer an enslaved person.

Before you came to Christ, you were in bondage to the Law or the traditions of paganism. But, now, in Christ, you are free to serve Him and Him only. But, you are not acting as free men but as men in bondage.

Which will you choose?

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