Trials ask us to define; which person are you?

Jesus has risen from the dead

Luke 22-24 The Test
With his masterful pen and supreme ability to describe events with such clarity, Dr. Luke leaves us breathless and wondering. Which character in the Resurrection story speaks to my heart?

Am I the betrayer like Judas? NO, for there was one and only one. Do I see myself as Peter denying Jesus in the courtyard amongst unbelievers? At times probably, but then when the rooster crows, I know that at that moment, the prayers of my Lord have come true. My faith may have wavered but not forever, and it now has become more assertive. Do I see myself as the woman who went to the tomb? Do I see and still not understand? I see, but when I tell others, they remain unbelieving. My heart knows the truth even if others do not. Do I see myself as Cleopas and the other disciple eating dinner with Jesus, and then my heart burns within me for questioning what I should have understood but did not? Jesus’ love overcomes, and my excitement grows, so I go and tell.

This is my story. Where do you see yourself in the Resurrection Story?

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