The Mystery is Revealed…or is it?

Daniel's vision

Daniel 10-12 Daniel’s Vision

Daniel receives a vision and is troubled. Would I be the same? How often do I read something in the Word and am troubled because I do not understand? God, in His graciousness, sends relief and help to Daniel, but others with him are so frightened they fade away, and only Daniel is left to see and hear. The vision is clear: there will be wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet. Evil men will arise to do damage to the Holy Land but only for a time. God will protect His people and His land.

More than once, Daniel is assured that he is beloved and blessed. Even though he has lived in a foreign land for over 70 yrs., he has remained faithful, and God is pleased. God was willing to send an angel to assure him that his time here on earth was ending. Soon, he will stand before the God he loves and has served these many years. Daniel’s words will be left to us now and in the future so that we might see and understand that God has a plan and will fulfill it.

When I am in a quandary, I turn to the Holy Spirit, my resident teacher, to explain what I do not understand. Sometimes He explains, and other times He allows me to be disturbed until I search out the answer.

How about you?

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