Sheep Need Shepherds

Because sheep tend to wander

Ezekiel 34 “The Shepherds”

From Genesis to Revelation, God has revealed His Son, the Good Shepherd. In Psalm 23, He is “my” Shepherd who will take us to the green pastures beside the still waters. In John 10, He is the “Good” Shepherd who searches for His sheep; and knows them by name! However, just as long ago, some self-indulgent false shepherds plunder the weak sheep. God told Ezekiel that He would pronounce judgment on them. Jesus told the shepherds of Israel that He was there in their midst and reminded them that they had seen the same miracles that Chorazin saw but sadly remained unrepentant. [Matt 11:21]

Today across our nation, we have shepherds. They are in positions of authority both in and outside the church. They are now, as then, self-indulgent. God knows and sees all. Jesus still is our Good Shepherd and the Lion of Judah. He will seek out His sheep and rescue them. He will find them, bandage the injured, strengthen the sick and judge the self-indulgent shepherds. When that happens, not just some but all will know He is the Lord.

Today, we need prayer for the shepherds both in our religious and civil circles. They all need prayer to be wise and discerning as they care for the sheep lest they wander. Who is your shepherd, and are you praying for them?  

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