Authentic or Fraud?

Authentic or Fraud?

Is 58 The prophet Isaiah speaks to the heart of the matter when the people ask why God is not blessing them, and that same question is one we often ask as well. We say I  go to church, tithe, and help out where needed, yet I still struggle with peace. God answers that question by doing as Jesus did; he asks a question back. Let’s see, are you offering your tithe to please me or to get recognition from others? Are you serving to get a checkmark in My book of another duty fulfilled, or are you doing it out of a heart of compassion? Are you attending church out of rote duty, or are you attending church because you desire to meet Me there?

What is it that God desires? He desires a servant heart, a pure heart, and a clean heart. God desires that we offer our body as a living sacrifice ready to do His will. [Rom 12:1] He desires the fruit of our lips praising His Name. [Heb 13:15]. He desires that our right hand does not reveal to our left hand what we do. Mat 6:3 “But when you do your giving, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Challenging questions; are we authentic or a fraud? God uses the “if-then” clauses to help us decide.

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