God is…

God is...

  Psalm 145 “The Attributes of God”

How often have you had this experience?  You have read a passage of scripture many times, but today something new jumps off the page.  We stop and say, why didn’t I see that before?  So it was with the Psalmist.  He saw God as never before.  He saw Him as his God, His King.  Do we?  The Psalmist made a conscious decision to praise His name continually.  “The Lord is great and certainly worthy of praise.  No one can fathom his greatness.” [Ps 145:3] Do we talk about God in this way?

Further, he noted: “The Lord is just in all his actions, and exhibits love in all he does.  “The Lord is near all who cry out to him, all who cry out to him sincerely” [Ps 145:18] Truly, God is just, and his actions prove his love for men.  And that is why we can confidently say that God is as true then as he is now as he will be in the future.

God is both just, and He is love.  Both attributes work in harmony.  Love and justice complement each other.  And that is why we can say: Ps 145:21, “My mouth will praise the Lord.  Let all who live praise his holy name forever!”

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