Do we Pray?

The power of prayer

Psalm 140 The power of prayer

Do you believe in the power of prayer and especially so when you face the plans of the wicked? In Psalm 140, the author describes the wicked: They are violent, plan ways to harm men, and stir up conflict not once but are consumed with it all day long! Their tongues are like the deadly serpent seeking to wound, and their venom is poison. When you face them, it is right to seek God’s protection from those who fall into that category.

Today, our nation is reeling from the onslaught of the “woke,” the liberals, those with evil intent. We see their plans, for they openly and brazenly shout them from the housetops. We see their outcomes, yet do we spend time pleading with God to not to let them succeed as the psalmist did?

The psalmist prayed: God, shelter me, protect me, give me eyes to see the traps these wicked have laid out; pay attention to my plea and be my deliverer, do not let the wicked have their way or let their plans succeed.

Do we pray that same refrain when we see the wicked seemingly succeed?   If we do, we can stand firm and say: I know that the Lord defends and He vindicates.

What wickedness are you facing? How can I pray for you? Make a comment and let me know. (Sonshine)

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