Count Your Blessings!

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Ps 106-108 Forgetting and Remembering

The psalmist reminded us yesterday in Ps 103 that we have short memories. It is like that part of our brain goes to sleep and forgets the blessings God has bestowed upon us. Today’s reading is continuing that same theme.

Ps 106:7 they failed to remember (your many acts of love)…is this true of you and I as well?

Ps 106:13 they quickly forgot (what he had done)…are we guilty of this as well?

Ps 106:21 they forgot God their Savior…”OUCH”

But it gets worse: vs 24-25 they despised, they believed not, they murmured,

The Holy Spirit is given to us as our teacher. He uses spiritual markers in our life so that we might remember and give praise to God. He recalls to our memory the wonderful works God has done. Where today do you and I need to give God the praise He richly deserves?

Perhaps we might need a helpful nudge to remember. Do as I do, try journaling. Try writing where God has blessed you this day and the day before. Remember the hymn “Count your blessings, name them one by one and you will see what God has done.”

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