The Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Ps 22 – 24 The Shepherd, Strong and Mighty

No matter what the world throws our way, we can be assured of God’s presence beside us, before us, behind us leading us.  Psalm 22 reflects the thoughts of David, the King, amid the trials of life.  He knew that one day the Messiah, the eternal King, would come and face trials of which he never knew or experienced, yet this he knew; His name is strong and mighty; He is trustworthy.

Indeed, David knew that he was one of the sheep of God’s pasture.  Just as then, the Good Shepherd calls us out of the darkness of sin into His glorious light.  He directs our steps and takes us to the refreshing quiet living water.  He knows that rushing water and the swirling waters of today’s news are unnerving, yet in His pasture, we find peace.  In His pasture, we can feed on the lush green grass which is the Living Word.  He is the Good Shepherd who leads us, for we require His tender care.  [Psalm 23]

What a blessing to know that out of His love, He ransomed us with His blood.

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