People who Pray

Are we people of prayer

2 Chron. 4-6 Dedication of the Temple

King David had wanted to build the house for the Lord, but because he was a man of war and had shed much blood, God allowed him to collect the materials but the actual task was given to his son Solomon. As the new king, Solomon had planned and ordered the building and the day finally arrived to dedicate it. The program included music, sacrifices without number, and a lengthy prayer by King Solomon.

In his prayer, Solomon asked God to hear from heaven over and over. Solomon knew that the presence of God was not in the Temple but in the heavens seeking God’s blessing and forgiveness for sins committed. As he closed his prayer he asked God to listen, heed and remember his people.

God loves to hear his people pray and especially when we use the ACTS way: Admit we are sinners, Believe that God hears and will forgive, Thank Him for the blessings he has bestowed, and Supplication or petitioning for others. May we be a people who pray.

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