You are just being pig-headed!

Listen to wise counselors

1Chron 21 Has anyone ever called you those words? David was genuinely being pig-headed as he sought, in pride, to take a census to determine how many soldiers he had. Wisely, General Joab came to remind him that this was a foolish decision and would be costly and time-consuming. But, David was determined, and he was, as we say, being pig-headed, that is being stupidly obstinate! Nevertheless, as the king, it was his decision, and Joab had better comply. So he did, but with much misgivings. End of story, David finally comes to his senses when God sent Gad, the prophet, to tell him God was most displeased. It was what we call a lightbulb moment in David’s life.

What he did, and we often do not as well, is realize the full impact of sin. God gave him three choices due to his sin: a plague, falling into the hands of his enemies, or three years of famine. He chose the plague, and 70,000 men died just because of one man’s sin. Sin exacts a heavy price.

God has the Joab’s in our life to guide us from making big mistakes. Also, not always does God reveal the consequences of our sin, but when He does, He also lovingly provides us a way to seek His face and forgiveness.

The Apostle John wrote the words of Jesus: he who has ears had better listen and that applies to us today.

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