Faithfulness is rewarded

Will you trust God

2Kings 7-10 God devotes two chapters to the Shunammite woman as a lesson in obedience and faithfulness. 

First, a Shunammite woman desires to honor the ‘man of God,” by providing a place for him to rest when he passes that way. He finds out she is barren and prophesies that she will have a child in a year. She has the child, but at some point, the child dies and she seeks to find Elisha for help. Although unaware he comes and restores the child to life. Sometime later he comes to her with what seems an illogical command to leave her home as there will be a famine. We might ask; why should she obey when there is no logical reason? Yet, she obeys because she has seen the evidence of his being a true prophet of God. Upon her return she finds her land confiscated and seeks to have it restored to her. In some miraculous way, Elisha’s servant tells the backdrop to the story to the king. Amazed at this story, he does what she requests! 

God has placed this story to teach us about faithfulness whether we understand the logic or not. Sometimes, God asks us to do or go and there seems to be no logical reason why yet when we obey, God reveals His purpose and we are rewarded with increased faith and sometimes even material blessings

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