Jesus our Kinsman-Redeemer

Jesus is our Kinsman-redeemer

Boaz, Ruth and Naomi–

The story of Ruth begins where we left off in Judges.  The author spins his tale with outsiders becoming insiders through the gracious work of God as He provides Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer in the life of Boaz.  It begins in famine and ends after a circuitous route from Bethlehem to Moab, the death of three family members, and back to Bethlehem when the famine ends.  Into this, we see the widow Naomi move from bitterness to grace as she faces widowhood to mother-in-law. 

Just like Naomi, we, too, journey in our lives between knowing “about” God to “knowing” God as He spins our life story to be His-story. As we look back across our life, we can see the hand of God moving us and planting us where He can use us and bless us—if we are open to His work.

Ruth knew “about” God through the life of Naomi, but until she met Boaz, who would become her kinsman-redeemer, she did not “know” God personally.  She is the picture of the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman, loyal, wise, caring, and a woman of integrity.  The near relative, Boaz, becomes her kinsman-redeemer just as Jesus becomes ours.  He took Ruth into his family just as Jesus takes us into His.  He took her from the depth of sorrow to bring her into a relationship with him. 

You can know “about” God, or you can “know” God.  God cares about you and your circumstances.  He is weaving your story to become His-story if you are open to His work.

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