Whom do you seek?

The tomb of the rich could not hold Him!

Acts 1-3 or: Who is your Savior?

Interestingly, Peter references the empty tomb as proof of the deity of Christ. Other religions have their saviors,” but where are they? Peter proclaimed: “our forefather David, that he both died and was buried, and his tomb is with us to this day. “[Acts 2:29] Mohammed is in his tomb as are Buddha and others, but where is Christ? He is in the heavens sitting at the right hand of God. If ever there was proof of Christ as the Son of God, it is that. “This Jesus God raised up, and we are all witnesses of it.” [Acts 2:32] Peter then explained: God raised up his servant and sent him first to you, to bless you by turning each one of you from your iniquities.” [Acts 3:26] Christ lived, was crucified, buried in a rich man’s tomb which could not hold him, and He was raised on the 3rd day just as He said.

What do you seek? A prophet in a tomb or one who has ascended to heaven just as He prophesied He would do and did in Acts 1?

Again Peter preached that Moses prophesied that God would raise up another prophet like him. Peter did not mince words! Jews, listen to him and do whatever he says. He also warned them that many will not hear and be utterly destroyed. All the prophets from Samuel and those who followed them foretold these things. Again, you, Jews, are from the prophets and the covenant God made with the fathers. To you, FIRST, God raised up this Jesus. BELIEVE HIM!

Romans 1:16: the gospel, for it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and the Greek.

Believe Him, Worship Him, Praise Him!

Father, thank you for the boldness of Peter and his preaching. His words are crystal clear! Jesus is the revered Prophet foretold.

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