“An Upside Down View”

What do you see?

John 14 How often have you looked through a rainy window only to realize that your view is distorted because of the raindrops? Our view of life is like that and why Jesus reminded the disciples that He would ask the Father for an Advocate, the Holy Spirit. He would be with them because our view of life may seem upside-down but God has it just right! He would give us the Holy Spirit’s presence to prove the world’s upside-down view of sin and righteousness and judgment because we often see our sin as not sin at all. Again, our view of righteousness is by works, but Paul later would confirm: “he saved us not by works of righteousness.” [Titus 3:5] Instead, we are saved through faith lest we boast in our self-righteousness. [Eph 2:8-9] Our view of judgment is that of a balance scale based on works but again, God judges righteously based only on faith.

Again Jesus said, the Advocate will set your view correctly because He will be in you and with you! He “will teach you everything and will cause you to remember everything [Jesus] said.” [John 1:26]

Have you felt alone or is your view somewhat distorted? Instead, remember this, you have the indwelling Holy Spirit with you moment by moment, day after day, until He calls you home to heaven to give you the correct view of life and faith. Rejoice in this!

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