Ezekiel’s Virtual Reality Tour

Join Ezekiel

Ezekiel 40 Docents help us to visualize what could have been or what will be when visiting a historical site. For example, Ezekiel has been a docent for the captives as a faithful prophet, and he has shown the elders and the people through drama why they are in Babylon. But like then, they and we want to know what lies ahead.  So it is time for God’s docent, the radiant angel, to take Ezekiel on a tour of the new Temple to be built, and we have a ringside seat on this tour.

If we were writing this today, we might say that Ezekiel will view this new Temple with all its glory through wearing virtual reality glasses. His tour begins on the mountain of God and he will see a glorious temple beyond description, for our God is glorious and majestic, and his structure will be just as He is. The captives have several years more in Babylon, but God has his men and His instructions ready for when the time is ready. Yet, history reveals that neither Zerubbabel’s Temple nor Herod’s Temple will be anywhere near this glorious, so we look to the future through the eyes of John. He tells us that there will not be a temple in the New Jerusalem, for the Temple is the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb. [Rev 21:22]

Are you encouraged and ready to see God’s majesty in all His glory?

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