Which will you trust?

which can you trust...

Jeremiah 46 -48 “Rattling Swords or God?”

The years may change but the enemies of God remain entrenched. Just as there were enemies all around “Jacob,” they are there today. The enemy’s goal is to decimate the land and God’s people yet God sees God hears, and God will make an end of those who seek the end of His people.

Jeremiah is to pronounce three prophecies about Egypt, Philistia, and Moab. All served false gods as those lands do even today. Then it was the false stone idols; today, it is many false religions. Thus amid this, God reminds his people twice: “do not fear; you shall return. I will not make a complete end of all the nations to which I have driven you, but of you, I will not make a full end. Yes. I will discipline you, and I will not leave you unpunished, yet do not fear.” [Jer 46:27-28]

Today, Egypt is a lowly kingdom fraught with the unrest that comes from those who seek power through force. Philistia as a kingdom is no more but a strip of land we call Gaza controlled by warlords who starve the people to make war machines against Israel. Moab is the land of Jordan and a nation that waffles, and between all three lay Israel.

What is the truth for today? When the enemies of God seem to be in control, fear not for all their rattling swords is just that. Trust God. 

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