How Then Shall We Live?

Living by Faith

Habakkuk 1 – 3 The headlines scream as the government fails. Where are the spiritual leaders? They were hiding then, as many are today. Habakkuk sees an encroaching army and asks God why He is allowing this; weren’t the Israelites His people? God responds as He has in the past: renounce your sin and turn from your wickedness, and I will restore. 

Why do we have to see this? Why does God allow a wicked nation to come? Where are the protectors? God then answers Habakkuk with a visual word picture about these villains. They mock the righteous. They scorn anyone who speaks with a righteous tongue. And like him, we ask: “Why do you say nothing when the wicked devour those more righteous than they are?”  [Hab 1:13] God reminds Habakkuk and us that one day these will stand in His judgment and be found wanting. 

What is the lesson we are to take from this book? It is the same for us as it was  then: “the righteous will live by faith.” Secondly, like Habakkuk  say: “I will rejoice because of the Lord.” Where are we rejoicing instead of whining? Where are we watching on the wall for His word? Where are we faithful?

Habakkuk pleads with God in prayer: “But when you cause turmoil, remember to show us mercy!” [Hab 3:2] Is this our prayer?

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