Deut 11 to 13 Beware

God's word

Deut 11 to 13 Over and over, Moses has warned the people to listen and heed the words of the Lord. It is He who brought them out of the land of Egypt, a land of bondage. Looking ahead, he could see a time when they would instead do what is right in their own eyes. Later that prediction would come true in the Judges’ time when they turned their eyes away from the living God to the false gods they were to eradicate from the land. How quickly we fall victim to the delusions of what Satan puts before us. Paul warns us of this in 2Thessalonians [2Thess 2:11]. When men refuse to believe, God will send a deluding influence so strong that even if they want to believe, they can’t because they have refused the saving grace of God.

That is why Moses set before them a blessing and curse lest they fall victim to the deluding influences of the false gods in the land of milk and honey. He reminded them to be certain to keep all the statutes and ordinances that he presented to them.

What is the warning to us this day? We must test the spirits; we must weed out those who present false doctrine as truth. We must not believe every word but check it with scripture, for scripture is the sword that will divide between truth and error, for it is “inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness.” [2Tim 3:16]

Whose voice are you listening to today? 

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