Lonely Best Friend—Try This?

You are in our heart

2Cor 7 to 9  Our world is awash in the pandemic, leaving us without that face to face time with our closest companions. The government tells us to wear masks and quarantine; use zoom or email, but that special face to face time is limited or non-existent. So loneliness sets in and especially so for our elderly who are widows or widowers. Paul’s best friends were Titus and Timothy, and when he was separated from these two, Paul felt the loneliness our elderly and singles are facing today. Perhaps you can relate. Reading between the lines we see that Paul began by encouraging others with overflowing joy, even in the midst of separation. He notes that he is troubled, but God is his encourager and even more so when Titus arrived to cheer him on.  Who is your cheerleader?

In separation we can turn on the TV, go to our email accounts, but it is the power of the Word that encourages the downhearted. Titus’ arrival with news of the Corinthians who had repented brought great joy to him. So it is that just a visit from others to us brings us great joy and lightens the heart.  

 But what if you can’t meet face to face? Do as the phone company said, “Reach out and touch someone” with a phone call, and then take today to read through this chapter underlining his words of encouragement.

What is your cure for loneliness?  

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