“From Blindness to Sight”

Once blind now I can see

John 9 Sometimes we wish we could have been an observer of some incident told by the biblical authors.

In John 9 we meet several people who are spiritually blind as well as the man who is physically blind. Forgetting that blind people really have extraordinary hearing, the disciples ask incredibly insensitive questions: “who sinned, this man or his parents?” This beggar had most likely heard others ask the same question, but now Jesus will give them a lesson they will never forget. His healing will glorify God and reveal those who are also blind spiritually. Crafting a mud pie, Jesus sends the blind beggar to the pool of Siloam to wash. As he removed the mud, the man now saw what he previously had known only by sound.

Standing before the neighbors, the parents and the religious leaders see the evidence — but they want him to deny his healing! His parents even skirted his healing issue out of fear. Ask him; he is of age. Amazingly, before them stands a man physically healed of his blindness, yet they sit in judgment. They had the opportunity to give God praise, but instead, they scoffed.

When Jesus touches our life, there will be scoffers who want us to deny our spiritual healing. How will we respond? Do we give God glory?  

Who is the real blind person in this story–the beggar or those who saw the result?  

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