Where is Your Decapolis?

Jesus is our Light

Mark 4 to 6 The demoniac freed from his prison desired to follow Jesus, much like the blind Bartimaeus, but this is not the time. Jesus needs the “man freed from demons” to be left behind to go and proclaim what the Lord had done for him. Obediently he did, and all marveled. The herders in the region of Gadarenes may have asked Jesus to leave, but God’s message must be proclaimed. He removed the evil influence so he could be his missionary, ready to go and tell.  Jesus is not wanted, but the message of who He is needed.

The demoniac will always be known as the “man freed from demons” and will be the first missionary to carry the “LIGHT” to his pagan land. The swine herders did not want to hear the good news of the kingdom, for they “loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil,” however, God had a love message that needed to be shared, and who better to do it than one through whom the LIGHT pierced the darkness.

Today spiritual darkness hangs like a pall over our culture, but we have the LIGHT within us. Where is your Decapolis that needs the Light of the World to come and pierce their darkness?

You have been redeemed to be His witness. How are you doing on this task? 

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