Forgiveness or Unforgiveness

Do you only forgive once or more?

Matt 18 How deep is your forgiveness cup? Is your content shallow like a teacup, or is it deep like a mug? How often is our forgiveness like the shallow teacup whose contents get cold quicker? Peter wanted to forgive only seven times, but Jesus reminded him that our forgiveness must be deep and heartwarming.

When Jesus had finished that statement, he launched into the story of the unforgiving servant. The king heard his tale of woe and, with great passion, forgave his debt fully. Yet, after leaving his presence where he was forgiven all, he refused to forgive a paltry amount of another slave. The servant seemed to have only a teacup’s worth of forgiveness.

The unforgiving servant is a picture of how we hold onto to hurts and refuse to forgive. They say that if you seek forgiveness and hear the words “I forgive,” you can move on. But, what if the person who offers forgiveness on the outside is still stewing about that problem? The unforgiving servant is a picture of what we do when we refuse to forgive another. We not only imprison another, but we also imprison ourselves.

Today be willing to forgive, for it is the deepest gift you can give another for as the Father has forgiven you, so you should forgive another.   

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