How Great is Your Faith?

How great is our faith

Matt 8 to 10    One question Jesus asked those who came seeking healing: Do you believe I can do this? They and we may respond with an affirmative, but it is the action behind our answer that proves whether we believe or not.

 Jesus asked the leper: Do you believe I can do this, but even without an answer,  Jesus responded with instant healing. How great is His mercy! Then the centurion came and sought healing, but responded that Jesus’ healing powers were so powerful that He could heal without even seeing the afflicted one. What great faith! Seeing his daughter die, the synagogue leader came and asked Jesus to lay his hand on her and restore her to life. Why would he take that step unless he believed in His power? While a storm raged, the fearful disciples woke Jesus up and heard him ask: “Why are you cowardly, you people of little faith?”

Jesus tested all of these with one question: Do you believe I can do this? Is our faith in Jesus so strong that we believe with a word, in his presence or not? We say we believe, but our actions prove whether we are just answering or responding in faith.

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