“God’s Who’s Who Record”

Jesus has the answers

Matt 1- 4  Who’s Who is a book that contains concise biographical information about people both present and past. God has his own Who’s Who the Book of Life. Matthew’s gospel begins with God’s record of those individuals He would choose to be in the line of his Son, Jesus Christ. Matthew begins at the beginning with the genealogical records. We will look intently that we might see this story through his eyes for one purpose; that we might come to know Jesus, the divine Son of David, Son of Abraham was and is Immanuel, God with us.

God’s Who’s Who Book of Life includes names of those who were scoundrels and those who were of notable reputation, each saved by His grace alone. We, too, are sinners in need of salvation saved by His grace for this Jesus, Immanuel, God with us, came to “save his people from their sins,” and we fall into that same category.

 The Apostle Matthew will reveal Jesus as the divine Son of God, Son of Man, who will save us from our sins. Matthew seems to have taken copious notes as would befit his character. He begins with the account of our Savior’s birth and ends chapter four with the excellence of Christ’s journey into the wilderness where he conquered temptation and the works of the adversary, Satan.

The question remains: are you in the Who’s Who Book of Life today?

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