“Haughty or Humble”

Dare to be a Daniel

Daniel 4 to 6  Daniel, the righteous, served under several kings. Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar, and Darius were given opportunities to renounce the gods of silver and gold, yet they clung to that which would not last. Nebuchadnezzar’s words show that he believed in Yahweh – at first. Daniel pleaded with him to renounce his ways, but he put it off and was humbled by God for 7 yrs.  God sent Belshazzar a dramatic visual lesson, yet he chose to ignore the warning. That very night, he was assassinated, and Babylon fell.  King Darius listened to the voices of fools and regretted that a righteous man, Daniel, would be thrown to the lions.

Nebuchadnezzar and Darius learned how gracious God is when they repented and gave glory to God. But Belshazzar, like Esau, sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil stew. All three learned the hard way; God meant what He said.

Three kings, three decisions. Their choice was to accept God’s grace. However, like Pharaoh they thought, I will do it tomorrow. Principle: “Proud men will be humiliated, arrogant men will be brought low; the Lord alone will be exalted in that day”  [Isa 2:17] 

Two life lessons:

(1) Does God have to bring drama into your life to get your attention?

(2) God always has His person in place to speak for Him. Where has God placed you that you might be a godly influence?

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