“God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility”

Graveyards testify to death

Isaiah 55 All over our world, men have set aside graveyards filled with rows upon rows of tombstones with birthdates and a space for the date of our death that we might remember life is short and eternity is long. The author of Hebrews reminds us that God has assigned a death date for each man. Therefore, stop and listen to the Lord. He is calling you to decide what will take place on that second date.  If there is one thing that is known, men will seek to delay that second date as long as possible. Yet, in the meantime, God is patiently waiting for men to turn to Him.  Beware of falling for the false Laodicean ways; what glitters today can be covered with rust tomorrow. Instead, “seek the Lord while He may be found…” Just as in the days of Noah, God’s calendar date is firm and will not be changed. What God has determined He will fulfill. 

There is a warning here: Beware of delaying the day of your salvation.

Interestingly Jesus came as a babe, and the world ignored him or sought to remove him as Herod did. He sprouted as a twig in a quiet village, yet later men asked what good can come from Nazareth? As a man, He began to do miracles, yet they scoffed and refused to believe. Jesus knew men’s hearts were hard, and Isaiah saw this same hardness. He warned them: seek God early; call unto Him while he is nearby. 

God’s death date is unknown to you but not to Him.  Therefore, do not delay.

Today is the day of salvation. 

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  • Isaiah 53 is a mini-biography of Jesus’s life and purpose and death and rewards, but especially of His obedience to God to restore a direct relationship with us, and His love for us.
    Why? So that we will share His story with others – fulfilling the Great Commission.

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