“The Truth About God”

Ps 145:17-18 “The Lord is just in all his actions, and exhibits love in all he does. The Lord is near all who cry out to him, all who cry out to him sincerely.”

As we read the psalms, hold firmly to this truth: God knows, and God allows both goodness and evil to prevail. The best illustration of this is in Matt 13, with the parable of the weeds. The Son of Man has sown and continues to sow good seed into his field, but while his seeds are beginning to sprout and take nourishment, the sons of the devil sow tares or weeds. These tares or weeds are those who have willfully rejected the light. As Jesus illumined the eyes of the disciples to understand, he explained that both will grow until the end of the age, and only then will the tares be removed. There will be certain judgment when that happens. Whereas the disciples were confused, we can see in Psalm 145 that the Psalmist understood the principle of God’s plan.

And that is why we can say for certainty that God is as true then as he is now as he will be in the future. God is and God. He will be both just and love. Both attributes work in harmony, and one without the other is like a one faced coin, like a river without water, like a mountain without rocks and trees. Both love and justice complement each other. And that is why we can come as the Psalmist did and say:

Ps 145:21 My mouth will praise the Lord. Let all who live praise his holy name forever!

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