“Spiritual Markers.”

Joshua 4 spiritual markers2aJoshua, ch 4 Every scripture is inspired by God. He wrote it for four reasons: to be used in teaching, to reprove us when we are “out of line,” to correct us, so we walk aright, and to train us in righteousness. The Israelites did not have a Bible, but they had the word of God through Moses to the priests. Instead of a written word, they had stones as a reminder of what things were important.

The Ten Commandments and the pot of manna were placed in the Ark as spiritual markers. As the Israelites prepared to cross the Jordan, Joshua had the priests go ahead with the Ark, and then they were to pick up twelve stones to be used as a spiritual maker of what God had done on this day.  They were to walk behind the Ark in reverence. The Ark was their physical marker to follow; we have the scriptures. They stepped into the flowing river, and just like us; they had to get their feet wet to see the power of the Lord unleashed; this is how we trust God, stepping out in faith. There are situations ahead that God is asking us to trust Him and to fix our eyes upon Him, as the author of Hebrews said, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the pioneer, and perfecter of our faith.  Heb 12:2

Where are your eyes fixed? What is your spiritual marker to follow?



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