Choose Life!

Deut 32 choose life2a

Deut 32 Knowing God means Choosing Him and Choosing Life!

As Moses begins his last address to his people, he starts where we all should begin; with God. He praises God as the Rock.  When we think of a rock, we think of something that is impenetrable, unyielding to pressure, and trustworthy. God’s work is perfect, for all his ways are just. He is a reliable God who is never unjust; he is fair or righteous and upright.  Do you know Him? The NET study note explains:

“The Hebrew term depicts God as a rocky summit where one may find safety and protection. Within a covenantal context, it serves as a reminder to the people that their God has committed himself to their protection in return for their allegiance.”

In sharp contrast, Moses notes this about God’s people: They have been unfaithful to him; they have not acted like his children—this is their sin. They are a perverse and deceitful generation. Moses reminded them of all that God has done for them from the time He chose them. As he closes his address to them, he said: choose life which is really choosing God, and He will bless you as He blessed Israel.

Moses proclaimed to them: Choose life so that you and your descendants may live! (Deu 30:19)Follow God, choose Him, and honor Him so that this description is not about you. Peter reminded his readers to be holy as God is holy. Do you know Him? Have you chosen life?

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