Do you smell sweet or stinky?

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Numbers 28-29 “What aroma are you spreading?”

We equate aromas with fresh coffee, cinnamon rolls, candy, and candles. That is because one of the gifts God has given to us is the olfactory system or the sense of smell. Nine times in these two chapters, we read that the sacrifices brought a soothing aroma to God, meaning it brought great pleasure.  In the OT, Moses explains the offerings in great detail. They were to be from clean animals and were to an “olah” or wholly given over to honor God. It was a sign that the person offering this sacrifice was willing to be obedient. Jesus was an example of an “olah” because of his willingness to be given sacrificially as a way to bring peace between God and man.

“Christ also loved us and gave himself for us, a sacrificial and fragrant offering to God.” [Eph 5] Paul reminded the Corinthians that Jesus was the perfect atoning sacrifice. When they and we accepted Christ’s sacrifice, it should produce a fragrant or sweet aroma that permeates or brings to mind the knowledge of the Messiah in every place. To the saved, we are a sweet aroma of Christ; but to the unsaved, we are an odor or a stench of death to death.

Practically speaking, John Piper lists four sweet aromas we can offer to God: our prayers, repentance, our witness as we spread His love to all, and lastly, our love to and for others.

Question for today: What aroma are you spreading?

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